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MealService is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use software package for planning, scheduling, and delivering meals on wheels... yet it is extremely powerful and customizable!

The power and features to support large organizations, yet easily implemented by smaller ones too. 

MealService is installed on your local network. No monthly hosting fees!. 


Benefits to the organization

Dramatically improved staff productivity

  • The well-designed interface lets you quickly accomplish tasks such as editing, activation, routing...
  • Interfaces with multiple mapping tools allows flexibility in choice of route optimization methods
  • The ability to quickly generate custom reports and queries frees up staff time
  • No more 'yellow sticky notes' to remind you to
    • Suspend someone for one day and then restart them the next
    • To change someone's delivery day from Tuesday to Wednesday for one week
    • To change a client's delivery address for one day

Improved service to Clients

  • You'll be able to say 'Sure, we can do that' to client requests for special meals, temporary delivery addresses, and service suspensions

Ability to manage the organization

  • Track service consumption by county, ZIP code, service or funding source
  • Pinpoint counts of special meals and meal components means the ability to accurately forecast thereby reducing waste
  • Accurate demographic/geographic reports enable targeting under served populations
  • The flexible architecture of the software easily accommodates growing agencies with multiple services and funding sources

No Monthly Fees

  • MealService is installed on your local network. There are no monthly hosting fees and no worries if your internet connection goes down.

We understand Meals on Wheels

Not only do we provide software to Meals on Wheels organizations, we're also Meals on Wheels volunteers. MealService has been involved with a local Meals on Wheels organization for the past 20 years. We really understand Meals on Wheels needs, from the administrative, volunteer, and client perspectives - and we've put that understanding to good use in creating the MealService system.


Drivers' route sheets can now be distributed on tablets or smart phones. Drivers can download their route and client information while in the office. Upon their return to the office the status of all of their deliveries can be synchronized back to the client database. And note... an expensive data plan is not needed - if desired, the application can function in 'disconnected mode'. In disconnected mode, driving directions and map can be downloaded over wifi while in the office (real-time updates are not available, however, if operating in disconnected mode).

  • Drivers can update the status of each delivery, so that routes can be monitored in real time.
  • Drivers can record items added to a delivery, when needed.
  • Client signatures can be easily recorded for delivery verification

Go green. Inexpensive Android tablets can easily replace reams of paper!

A four-page Meal Delivery Software Shopper's Check List has been put together which you may find useful in assisting your organization in shopping for meal delivery software. Feel free to put it to good use.

Read on to discover just how user-friendly, flexible and powerful MealService is!


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