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MealService is available in tiers, priced according to the total number of active clients in the database at any one time. The functionality of the software does not vary among the pricing levels. Tiered pricing simply reflects our attempt to make the software more affordable for smaller organizations. It has also been our experience that larger organizations require much greater customization and additional technical support.

As of December 1, 2019, the license tiers are as follows:

  • Up to 100 active clients - free licensing to non-profit organizations. The free license is restricted to technical support via email.
  • 101 active clients to 250 active clients
  • 251 active clients to 500 active clients
  • 501 active clients to 750 active clients
  • 751 and over active clients

Please contact us for the current pricing options.

Technical support is included at no cost for the first year (for other than a free license). Beyond that initial period, support is available at an annual rate, depending upon the license tier. Those organizations with current support contracts will be entitled to all software maintenance and upgrade releases.


Please contact us for current pricing on Plug-Ins.


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